PROF/ENTER Week 8 (13th September)

Today we discussed how we are all going and how we can improve the class and our communication in order to achieve our outcome. I really like how Chris does this because it feels like we can direct our own learning, that we can own it for ourselves. The class agreed that feedback and feed in from other groups is really useful especially the weekly  group round ups. We felt like we also needed clearer expectations so that we can correctly allocate in class and personal time into the In class assignment and project. The realisation of how fast the negotiated launch date also needed to be revised, although I feel the Brand team is ready the other teams still worry and would like to stretch out the date.

For better communication of brand to Web development team we decided to make a brief for them. using key words from mission statement such as community, contemporary, unique, emerging and innovative.
Community – see lots of personal profiles on home page – quotes? Champion all participating artists by giving them all an equal space on front page, rather than just highlighting one or two. Links to social media – latest social media posts. Tile with comments/feedback from outside community /customers – Eg: ” What a great initiative”.
Contemporary/Innovative/Emerging – Page not static, with slider, or video. Professional easy to follow layout, fonts simple and easy to read. All writing checked by an editor.
Unique -No stock art used. All art on website is student art.

Lastly we discussed strategy and BHAGS, this is my kind of thing, this is my department, the dreaming, the big goals. I was surprised at how excited I got but also how much my other team mates didn’t see the relevance or importance of dreaming. I guess with my line of work we are constantly been asked to do these exercises. Here is what we came up with.

BHAG’s – Big hairy audacious goals….after end of BCE semester 2016, ask people if they want to still work on business, and want to continue buying and selling art from it. Talks and events. Social community. Networking. Professional Connections. Market day. 1 Day art exhibition. Alumni. Workshops. Integrate exhibition with experience – interviews on video etc. Ability to get work through website.


I personally believe we should spend more time during class doing the ICA. I am looking forward to finishing this project however, I feel like I have already learnt alot. It is an awesome opportunity to work on this and have this in our portfolio if we finish it.

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