Week 8: Exploring Space and Proportion

I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful place in New Zealand that is Maraetai beach. For scale and proportion my sister Taylor and I went down to the beach at mid tide and I was just filming her not doing much really.


I wanted to show the vast sea, and clear skies, the sky and sea acting as two clear half. The day was perfect to both sky and sea were spotless and blue.

I liked how the wide open spaces are amazing and beautiful to look at, however, once one person, in this case my sister was put in the frame she instantly became the focal point no matter how small she was. There was one shot in particular that I cut because I wanted a scenery shot yet a seagull turned out to be the focus even though it was so small and seemingly insignificant.

I find just siting at the beach and watching after a while you can become oblivious of everything. Although there is lots to look at because they are open spaces it feels like you’re staring at nothing.

I wish I had taken more consideration of proportion in this exercise as I noticed while editing how the shore, sea and sky created perfect third in the frames or half when just the sea and sky divided by the rolling hills of the coromandel peninsula.



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