Story: Week 8 (20th September)

I belong to a subculture of Elim Church children workers.

Every Sunday I volunteer to run a children program for primary aged student in the Franklin district stemming from the Elim Christian Centre.

Yes there are many children’s workers all over the world, there are many in New Zealand. There are a lot of childrens workers just within the 44 New Zealand Elim Churches however the team that I lead we are a sub culture, there are about 20 of us.

SO how can you identify the Elim Christian Centre Franklin Campus (I just call it Elim Frank) childrens leaders in relation to every other childrens worker in New Zealand?

  1. Every Sunday we meet in the same place


2. We have our own characteristics, we are always welcoming, always positive and welcome everyone as family.

3. We all wear Elim Kids t-shirts, lanyards and all of the female leaders have started wearing tutus, just for fun, but now it has become a bit of a tradition.


I really enjoy my job with the Children of Pukekohe, although its only volunteer and I would like to be able to put more time into it I find it a culture that I have an influence in creating.

I once heard that it is estimated that it only takes 7% of a population to create a stereotype or convince a culture into particular action or thought. Only 7%, that can be 280 000 out of 4 million people, that is close to the size of wellington. Imagine if the whole of wellington started to change something, get a reputation, start a war? it would heavily effect if not change the whole culture of New Zealand.

I reflect of the Christchurch earthquake in 2011, in a very short time the change in thought and action from the Christchurch people changed the culture of New Zealand into worry and shock but also into a nationalism type of team work. Christchurch is only 9% of NZs population (as of 2016.)

If it only take 7% of a population to change a culture then that tells me that your influence has significant effects of a larger people. You can change the culture of your family, your work place and your class.

If you could change anything about your family, work or friend culture, what would it be?


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