Perspective Week 9 (19th September)

If someone asked me how does google or search engines in general work? My answer would be its beyond me, its too complicated and plainly I just don’t know.

However, after this class I feel smarter, proud of myself that I can understand on a very simple level a very complicated thing. How search engines work.

This video below was super helpful for me, I find it funny that in order to explain something that is digital we use the comparison of paper and files, we relate it to something that we know I guess but in reality we are trying to explain its opposite?



I recently made a website for a small business I have started and SEO Settings were something that I had no idea about, after this class I have realised its necessity.

Since this class I have forced myself to spend a lot of time going through my website and putting in key words and changing my SEO settings. However, I still need more help with this.

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