PROF/ENTER Week 9 (20th September)

In the first half of our class today Geraldine was presenting possible elective pathways within the BCE in order to inform us in choosing electives for 2017. She asked us to write down a list of possible classes we would like to take.

Chris has repeatedly informed us and convinced us of the rapidly growing industry area of ecommerce, hence I wrote down the elective I would like to take centred around graphic design particularly in digital publication, marketing including social networking and fashion. I think these skills would be extremely useful to enter into the ecommerce world.

Our endeavour of creating our own ecommerce site will be promoting and a great thing to have on our cv and in our portfolios.

Throughout this class however, I have remained myself about not dabbling in other teams areas. I specifically chose to be in the brand team as it was a skill I wasn’t extremely family with but wanted to develop. I already have a portfolio of social networks and site design so decided to be with the branding team. In the process I have tried to offer as less advice as possible in order to concentrate on my own team, keep my nose out of their business but also for everyone to ‘create the monster’ as Chris calls it.

I think our idea of creating a brief of brand guidelines specifically for the web development team was very effective and maybe we can look to do this for other groups also.



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