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(Ltd, 2014)

About – Interactive kiosks mean you’re always in touch with your markets

And now you can own or rent the most advanced point-of-sale technology available. Interactive Kiosk presentations are the growing trend for reaching your customers in-store by giving them more control over the choice of product or service you offer. Touchscreens are being successfully integrated into the sales environment by more companies everyday… Give us a call and make sure you’re not the last to get in touch!

Where do touchscreens fit in the marketing mix?

A new and exciting future is dawning with the development of cost effective digital signage hardware and reactive graphics programs. Your customers can now easily operate our touch screen equipment to select from your product range, check out your product’s application and verify costs. Your company will be seen as innovative and efficient, plus the systems can save your staff valuable time and also collect useful data.

What is best for my company?

Talk to us and we will show you how an Interactive solution can work for you, for both hardware and graphics programs … we will even design a tailor-made unit specifically for your needs.

What is touchscreen technology?

Thanks to the living interface of touchscreen technology, now your customers can browse and choose a product that’s right for them, select map guidance to a destination, or research product benefits, on screen, up-to-date and in-store. The ultimate resource for your sales people… it keeps on working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What graphics and software do I need?

Our turn-key solution philosophy provides our clients with all the planning, graphic design, archiving management, hosting and hardware manufacture they may need to make the transition to an Interactive touch screen system easy, economical and successful.

What’s it going to cost me?

The systems are capable of paying for themselves very quickly in saved time, added sales value and more efficient stock management. Both equipment and graphics programs can be financed through either a lease or rental program from as little as NZ$5 per day.

What are the benefits…

  • Talks for you when you can’t
  • Adds value to the sale
  • Provides comprehensive product Information
  • Customisable to suit your brand
  • Designed, made and serviced in New Zealand
  • Add printers, scanners, cameras, etc.
  • Build customer database from input

Who’s using them?

2014 has been predicted as a massive year for touchscreen interactive devices – and those who wait will be left behind. 

Are they standard screens?

Our units can be purpose built to sizes from 10″ to 50″. But the casings are cleverly designed to be exceptionally stable even in a tough retail environment. Standard units are also available to accomodate budget and time contraints – we even manufacture stainless steel units for outdoors.

Are they transportable?

They are very mobile – just plug in and play. But the casings are cleverly designed to prevent them falling over onto children, and robust enough to resist the retail environment.

Can I use my website as the basis?

Not really, touchscreens are much more graphically exciting – because the content is totally interactive and not limited by speed, picture size, animation, and page numbers. We may be able to use some of your web content however.

Can a database be derived?

The technology is ideal for data collection because of the way the user interfaces with the content – direct and precise.

Can I customise the case?

Now we’re talking! If you want a display made of wood or acrylic… with flashing lights – it can be done! We even have virtual keyboards right on the screen. Standard units are also available for budget and time constraints.

Where can I use them?

Any environment, even outdoors and factory situations.








(Tan, 2013)

Interactive Touch Screen Mall Directory








(Association, 2014)

Interactive Mall Kiosk Mall Kiosks and Directories

Shopping malls can be huge buildings with numerous retailers vacating spaces and consumers can sometimes find it hard to navigate them successfully. RedyRef’s interactive touchscreen mall kiosks and building directories make it easy for shoppers to find what they are looking for! From a shoe store to the food court, our kiosks can provide detailed floor maps to ensure that shoppers get to where they need to go.

Our touchscreen kiosks also feature the opportunity for merchants to place advertisements, special announcements and even greet shoppers. Other important information can also be highlighted in the kiosk like mall services, restroom locations and security offices. Interactive mall kiosks provides users with multiple benefits and advantages because shoppers will be able to easily locate specific stores, check out important announcements and be less likely to leave because all the information they need will be on display.


Kiosks play an important role when it comes to the overall flow of the mall because they give the space a sense of direction and help. By designing a kiosk to flow with interior features, your kiosk will seamlessly integrate with structural designs and tie into the space rather than looking out of place. RedyRef works with you when generating the overall design by providing you with custom tailored solutions.

The first step involves developing the appropriate software to suit your market. By integrating advanced software into the kiosk, you will have the ability to suit the program to fit the needs of the public. From there, our designers and engineers work with you to create a suitable kiosk enclosure which can vary from many choices: free standing, wall mount, desk mount and a custom mount.






(IFC Mall I-KIOSK 2, 2012)







(Raonsquare, NIKE TECH PACK, 2013)







(DOWN, 2009)







(Randomlifts, 2015)







(Kalamut, 2011)







(F&B & Retail Shop Kiosk System (Interactive Touch-Screen Display System), 2016)






(Shopwithme, introduces world first smart interactive retail store, 2015)

ShopWithMe will begin its 2015 Holiday tour in Chicago and will feature internationally recognized fashion brands, TOMS Shoes and Raven + Lily. Both collections will be integrated into the ShopWithMe experience.  A full range of products will be featured on smart fixtures and customers will experience futuristic changing rooms that engage with the customers via interactive mirror displays, allowing customers to make purchases or request alternate products without leaving their changing room, providing unprecedented convenience for their shoppers.

“Our promise is to make retail simple and beautiful,” states Jonathan Jenkins, Founder and CEO of WithMe. “We provide the infrastructure and technology that brands need to activate a turn key interactive retail store and begin selling seamlessly, overnight. This is something that hasn’t been achieved by any retailer before.”

ShopWithMe is a moving, global destination for brands that want to engage their customers in a new and personalized way. The solution is built for both traditional retailers that are moving towards smaller showroom locations and online retailers that are looking to expand into physical stores. Brands move from city to city, while providing a limitless access to inventory, creating an “endless aisle” for shoppers. As retail stores continue to struggle in finding new ways to reach their customers, ShopWithMe brings an affordable turn key solution that proves the benefits of online shopping in a new type of physical store.

“We’re creating our very own ‘store of the future.’ Why should a new store have to be physically built for every brand? At ShopWithMe we change the files not the fixtures to create a new experience.  Today the store can be TOMS Shoes and next week it can be an entirely new brand without us having to rebuild the store,” says Danielle Jenkins, Co-Founder of WithMe.

The vision of ShopWithMe is to build a network of smart stores all across the world which retailers can activate and deactivate within days. This will allow brands to go from zero stores to fifty overnight and then down to zero again a few weeks later.

“We are going to be doing for retail what the Amazon cloud did for technology companies. So many great tech companies have been formed over the last ten years because the cost of starting them has dropped significantly. Think of ShopWithMe retail stores like you do Amazon servers. We set up the infrastructure and all the brands have to do is flip a switch to scale up or down very quickly without the large upfront investment,” says Jonathan Jenkins, Founder and CEO of WithMe.

Deemed the “new shape of retail” by Entrepreneur Magazine, ShopWithMe is physically shape shifting the walls, and uses smart fixtures such as glass top digital displays and LED-driven decor within an architecturally designed masterpiece. During the time in the store a shopper will also be recommended product based on what they have been browsing. As you walk by, a shelf on the wall will actually move toward you to recommend you the item it holds.

“While the ShopWithMe fixtures and store experience is smart, it is also eliminating the traditional friction in brick-and-mortar retail,” says William Reid, VP of Payment of WithMe, who was a former Director of Innovation at Paypal before joining the company.  “My favorite part of the store is the express checkout. If the shopper downloads our mobile app they can actually find a product they want in the store and literally walk out the door and we charge them as they leave. No more checkout lines.”

Thought leaders like the co-founders of ShopWithMe are at the forefront of retail’s evolution in the digital age.  Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes, and Kirsten Dickerson, Founder of Raven + Lily, are fashion industry innovators that proved with their individual success stories that the future of retail will include consciously effective product manufacturing, marketing transparency, and corporate responsibility.

“We are thrilled to be a part of ShopWithMe’s innovative, sustainable store model. Customers are able to leverage technology to gain a deeper understanding of the story behind our products through their interactive kiosk. We look forward to seeing them introduce this new shopping experience to a wider audience,” states Kirsten Dickerson, Founder of Raven + Lily.

ShopWithMe is the smart store of the future- a perfect blend of the online and physical shopping worlds where the general public can come and access a curated, digital shopping experience. It is a viable solution for many retailers who are struggling in today’s economy to meet the needs of their customers and their products.

“This 3,000 sq. ft. mobile structure challenges traditional models of retail architecture by allowing different brands to temporarily inhabit a technologically advanced, highly interactive, and consumer-centered space. The structure is composed of four self-contained units connected by a bridge spanning 43 ft. Cutting-edge mobile and tensile architectural systems allow for easy assembly, disassembly, and transport anywhere on the planet in a matter of days,” says Giorgio Borruso, Principal of Giorgio Borruso Design and Design Architect for ShopWithMe. “We were intrigued by the idea of a kinetic building materializing within the dense urban context of a top architecture capital and becoming part of its landscape. Fittingly, the first location for this mobile unit was Chicago’s Pioneer Court, where Jean Baptiste Point du Sable not only founded the city in the 1780’s, but also built its first retail trading post.”

ShopWithMe plans to bring its stores to Chicago, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and Miami in the coming months and will begin shipping stores globally at the first of the year.






(Haynes, 2015)

MEGAN HAYNES 07.20.15 6:34 PM

In the latest Coca-Cola “Share a Coke” venture, generosity is rewarded with more than a warm feeling. The soft-drink maker partnered with JetBlue for a stunt at New York’s Penn Station, rewarding sharers with the gift of travel.

The two brands set up a vending machine in the middle of the station and dished out two Coca-Colas to anyone who ordered one, while signs encouraged folks to give the second one away.

And those who did were captured on camera (including obligatory confused looks), until a JetBlue crew member approaches, telling them that for their act of generosity they would get two round-trip tickets. The machine itself dished out 150 transactions (or 300 bottles of Coke), and according to the company approximately 70% of people gave that second bottle to a stranger (presumably, at least some of the others who walked away with their Cokes also shared them out of sight of the agency’s cameras).

It’s not the first time the soft-drink brand has partnered with an airliner to give away free trips. Last year, Coke paired with Canada’s WestJet, (also known for gifting unsuspecting people) encouraging passengers to create custom cans for friends and family. Those who did, got a free plane ticket, with the barcode printed on the side of the can.







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