StoryWorlds Research Introduction



Team Members:

Bailey Booth, Charlie MacFarland, Charis Tuitama and Joe Bailey


What is present will deliver to us the future.

Project concept in response to proposition:

The Jobach team has collectively agreed to respond through a publication format (both printed and digital) that will explore individual characters of Karangahape road through interviews. These interviews will be videoed and edited to be incorporated in a digital interactive kiosk that acts as a ‘guide to Karangahape road’.

We have chosen this format because we believe it is best tailored to celebrate the individuals of Karangahape road whilst presenting it in a contemporary and futuristic form, complementing the people of the present and the technology of the future.

Personal Research Question:

What is the history of technology on Karangahape Road and what effect does Interactive kiosk’s have in a public environment, including retail spaces today domestically and internationally.

Furthermore, I wish to investigate how interactive technology influences the culture of New Zealand and explore what are the properties of effective technology interfaces that can inspire our design project.

The use of technology is forecasted to rapidly increase in the future therefore, we would like to investigate ways to help Karangahape road advance in its interactive technology however still allowing it to maintain its unique culture.

As our project product relies on human interaction with our social and informative technology piece, we would like to see how we could develop this concept in a way that is best suited to the audience of K’road. I will contribute to the project by researching other similar public environments internationally that has been using this technology effectively.

I will extend my research to the history of technology on Karangahape road specifically and ways in which other cities and successful companies such as Mc Donalds have implemented kiosks into their spaces. Lastly, considering what designers and large organizations have found to be an effective styling of the platforms interface.

Considering technology as my research project pathway will greatly contribute to the group project in our endeavors to create a interactive kiosk as a guide to Karangahape road.

Other Team members Research endeavours:

Charlie: The areas I will be researching to contribute to this project are divided into three parts. They include, defining the contemporary ‘vibe’ of Karangahape Road, interesting creatives that associate with Karangahape Road, and different aesthetics for our short video interviews.

Joe: The history of karangahape road and its people.As our group project is so heavily based on people, Joe is focusing on is the history of humans and groups/cultures in Auckland and more specifically Karangahape rd, Joe has chosen this as to get a greater understanding of the culture of Karangahape itself and hopefully be useful in the near future of our project. Joe thinks it is important for us to come into this project having a good grasp for the history of people around and on Karangahape Road so we can use this as reference to our work and incorporate it as part of our understanding of how the road lives and breathes today.

Charis: The typeFACES of K’rd



History of technology on Karangahape road

  • history timeline
  • Interview with Sue Carnachan

Existing Interactive Kiosks

  • Appearance
  • Interaction
  • Role in retail environment

Interface Design

  • The block: stories from a meeting place.
  • Appearance
  • Mechanics

The effect of interactive technology on New Zealand culture

  • NZ herald
  • Listener

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