Week 9: After Effects 102

Over the past weeks I have been doing a lot of video editing for my work, although I enjoy it I wish I had known these skill earlier. I found that making the title sequences were very easy and made a big affect.

One trick I learnt whilst exploring this exercise was to start with the end in mind. It is a lot easier in fact I think you have to start at the end to get back to the beginning and it will look great.

I wish that the tutorial went a little more in depth as I feel like the titles we were taught to make are still very basic and some can be made on powerpoint.

I started off with a basic text box white writing black background. I then went to the place on the timeline when I wanted the animation to finish and place the subject in that position using anchor points. From there I worked backwards at anchoring the subject at different positions. I repeated this for the 3 sequences and lastly added colour and changed the font.


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