Week 9: Lighting and Photography

I used many different types of lighting in this exercise including day light on a overcast day, a iPhone torch, a candle/fire, house lighting, my laptop screen and diffused lighting through thin yellow curtains.

I learnt that the different lighting can create different moods in the picture, just as warm and cool light.

I need to work on my photography skills and learn more about settings on a camera however, for this exercise I used my iPhone camera.

This expertise was also helpful in filming our interviews for our project especially with tim as we interviewed him in his office which was large tinted windows which gave a artificial blue tint to the room.

Warm house light bulb


iPad screen light, cool and dull.


Candle light


Day light on a overcast day


Iphone touch light. This is my favourite image.


Day light diffused through lemon curtains.


Candle light again



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