Perspective Week 10 (10th October)

This morning in Specialist technologies we explored the various types of camera shots that can be used to make an effective scene.

Camera shot wether extreme close up or extreme long shot the way in which a director decides on what camera perspective to use is for the purpose of revealing something to the audience about the character and the world they live in. When directing with every scene which should reflect on the techniques used and ask our selves Is this revealing something new about the character and their development, perspective or environment?

Here is a brief explanation of just a few camera shots that we learnt today that I found interesting:

We also learnt a ‘master shot’ and the 180 degree rule. The master shot is used in for the audience to see all characters including the environment in one shot, they see the entirety of the scene in the master shot – it also shows the audience where they should focus.

‘A master shot is a film recording of an entire dramatised scene, from start to finish, from an angle that keeps all the players in view. It is often a long shot and can sometimes perform a double function as an establishing shot.’

The rule of 180 degrees was demonstrated in class with Ed and Stuart where the 2 characters are lined up.


I appreciate classes that are practical in helping up during class to practise the learnings instead of being sent out to do it for homework when we don’t have the guidance and assurance of knowing we are doing it correctly. Also with the demonstration of it class helps too.

Although I don’t think I will get into photography as a profession I understand how much it comes into play in every creative specialisation and knowledge in the area can be helpful. I am however, really interested in film editing as well as social media and its content which I know includes various graphic and photographic knowledge. I have found this information very helpful however, now I am analysing movies that I watch which isn’t very relaxing.




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