PROF/ENTER Week 10 (11th October)

This morning we had the privilege of having Rob the owner and founder of Mr Vintage talk to us and share his story.

He had some great advice about gaining confidence and also what he looks for in a employee. He highly recommended internships and being a well rounded personal rather than just someone with a degree.


Moving on to our in class assignment which I am unsure if it is ever going to be actually completed as there is just alot of talk and not much action it seems. I know a website can be built is a weekend but I guess there is too many opinions and workers so I try to keep my mouth shut. We discussed how we would like more communication between the groups to ensure the brand is being maintained.

I loved again discussing the BHAGs and the strategy component of our group. I feel this is the area of my strength and I am good and dreaming, planning, strategising and vision casting.

We created and filled out more of our summer sustainability plan and had a longer group discussion with Chris about long term goals as some people in the group found it hard when we still don’t have a launch date which I can completely understand. This is what Chris said: Strategy is provisional, learn as you go. Brand and strategy needs to be compelling.

In order to encourage communication between the groups we came up with the idea of having brand ambassadors, one member of the brand team will be placed in another team and added to their base camp in order to feed back to us. However our group tends to have many people regularly absent.



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