PROF/ENTER Week 11 (18th October)

The difference between a manager, entrepreneur and technical; this lecture was extremely helpful for me in finding my fit in this BCE course and in determining the path that I should take in it.


Entrepreneur: The Entrepreneurial personality turns the most trivial condition into an exceptional opportunity. The Entrepreneur is the visionary in us. The dreamer. The energy behing every human activity. The imagina- tion that sparks the fire of the future. The catalyst for change.

Manager: The Managerial personality is pragmatic. Without The Manager there would be no planning, no order, no predictability… Without the manager there could be no business, no society.

Technician: The Technician is the doer… The Techni- cian loves to tinker. There are things to be taken apart and put back together again. Things aren’t supposed to be dreamed about, they’re supposed to be done… The Technician is a resolute individualist.

Through this exercise I have discovered about myself that I am more of a manager or entrepreneur team player than a technichian. Chris said through this class the most of the people if not all in the BCE class are technical people, they are makers. Thats where I have been stumped because I am just not very good at making, I have large elaborate ideas but I can’t make them and increasingly throughout the year I have become frustrated about my technical skills. In reality I believe I am more of a manager and entrepreneur contributor. This explains my larger than life ideas, my organisation skills, positivity, imagination and long term planner characteristics.

This is clearly seen in my work out side of uni where I manage and supervise about 20 volunteers and 1 intern. Leaders above me have always surprised me with the amount of leadership capacity the believe I have.

Further more, in order to work in the creative industries, I could work more in the area of creative direction and project management, however I believe I am getting alot of real life experience in this outside of uni and projects groups that leads me to choose highly techniqual elective classes for 2017 such as graphic design practise in order to be able to practise what I preach and have some substance in leadership.

I have really enjoyed leading the brand team thus far and believe that it come naturally to me and I hope for more opportunities in the future to gain more wisdom and knowledge in this area.



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