Story: Week 10 (12th October)

Every design has a designer (Captain Obvious) but as a society of over consumption how many times do we take the time to analyse the designer and their values, their purposes in making the product for our satisfaction. The values of a designer is always evident in their designed object.

Great designs tell a story, I would like the objects I am involved in creating to have the flare and flavour of my personality and values.

I looked into many companies mission and value statement to see if I identify or contrast with them.

My flat mate who is currently siting in my room and applying for journalism jobs made this interesting observation of the contrast of mission statements between the leading media companies in New Zealand NZME commenting on how they just wish to be the first and the fastest at delivering news to New Zealanders, ( did you forget the values of the most accurate or relevant?) however the others seem to incorporate more integrity and audience focus into their statement.

Media works: Our team is committed to creating and delivering great content, experiences and results for our audiences and customers. We believe in being the best in connecting, enriching and inspiring Kiwis every day.

TVNZ: Our purpose is to make a difference by sharing the moments that matter to New Zealanders.


The Invision App, which I have never used, or heard of, shares their likeminded values:

Invision App: “Question Assumptions. Think Deeply. Iterate as a Lifestyle. Details, Details. Design is Everywhere. Integrity.”


The invision example inspired me to think about doing the small things well, being committed to doing a good job no matter the amount of responsibility, the credit or money you will receive.


My Core Values/DNA:

Faithfulness: Do the small things well, details matter, a thousand dollar person sometimes has to do a $100 job, wherever you are; be all there.

Friend, create the environment you wish to work in, yes its about the product but people are more important, always welcome with a smile, a voice of reason and sincerity, never let your attitude be a barrier to someone elses win.

Forward focussed, (felt like I had to stay with the F’s but not the best title) Take regular jumps, learn something new, ask questions, take opportunities and seek advice, never stay stagnant, research and read, readers are leaders.

Fruitful, produce on time, on brief, on budget. Be people orientated, how can I help this client win? Keep them wanting more.

Fair, put people in positions where they will grow, regularly check in with team members, celebrate peoples successes, lend a hand in peoples struggles.

Fufillment, check your heart regularly, is this still fulfilling me? avoid stress, go where you’re gonna grow, are you achieving goal, burnout is too far, busy is not ok, have time for people around you.

Mission Satement: Work in progress

Be faithful in the small, remember people matter, be a positive influence in every workplace I enter into and create good stuff.

Lastly, I watched this ted talk about the importance of community in implementing change with specific reference to Natan the founder of the modern day SPCA who through his values connected with other community members in San Fransisco created a shift in treatment of abandoned animals.



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