Story: Week 11 (26th October)

Imagine being in a lit room, (lit whaaaat) a light room 24 hours for 2 weeks. or on the contrast, being stuck in constant darkness 24/7. what would happen?

Have you ever repeatedly woken up one minute before your alarm?

Well naturally our body clock responds to light weather its natural or artificial, we go to sleep in the dark and are active in light. However when we don’t have these lighting conditions we rely on clocks, on a watch or time on a phone.

The technology of a clock effects the way we act. We can be awake all day and then see the time and instantly feel hungry or tired or ready for action.

Without the cue of light or technology like a clock our internal circadian (24 hour) clock when given time will become out of rhythm and a sleep disorder will occur.

‘Free-running sleep is a sleep pattern that is not adjusted (entrained) to the 24-hour cycle in nature nor to any artificial cycle.

It occurs as the sleep disorder non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder or artificially as part of experiments used in the study of circadian and other rhythms in biology. Study subjects are shielded from all time cues, often by a constant light protocol, by a constant dark protocol or by the use of light/dark conditions to which the organism cannot entrain such as the ultrashort protocol of one hour dark and two hours light. Also, limited amounts of food may be made available at short intervals so as to avoid entrainment to mealtimes. Subjects are thus forced to live by their internal circadian “clocks”.’


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