Week 13: Graphic Identity

Re ection: re ect on how Graphic Identity can in uence the public perception of a Project.

Logos/graphic identity are iconic, they are how a company or even a person is identified. we think of brand such as coco cola with their signature font or Cadbury with their exclusive purple. With these popular brands especially they have been so committed to their graphic identity that when people see the colour red or the specific font the will think of the product with out it being directly referenced.

I think our graphic identity is so important in giving a glimpse into the way our team conducts ourselves. Our original logo was very cool and fun and playful however not the sophisticated impression we want on approaching clients.


We wanted something to show we are confident and reliable not childish and fleeting, but also show our humours and creative personality that is matched with our colour palette.


Here is what some of the team came up with:


Here is my final graphic identity pieces incorporating our colour swatch, hexagon studio tile and name.


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