Week 12 (3d model concept design)

After further explanation of the 3d model ICA I have changed my ideas, however I still really like the idea of the stained glass window however we are to make the models out of paper products and it doesn’t have to be a house like structure.  I have decided to build on earlier 3d models from C&D class, my personal icon. As seen below

I was further inspired by these images below found on pintrest and I believe I can incorporate these techniques into the design to make it more effective to include internal spaces.





Also by Andrea Russo Paper Art:



Week 8 & 9 (Balance,tone and proportion)

For my ICA for this week I decided to do some painting because I have never really done painting before and wanted to stretch myself. I used water colours to start with but then decided to use black poster paint for the writing in the end.

My inspiration:


I think the paintings without the editing show tones as the paint runs out on the trust it becomes lighter and more textured as you see the brush strokes.

If I could have changed anything with the process I would have used a different brush, I only had share ones and i thing the finish of the letters would have been nicer with proper calligraphy brush. I would have also liked to have scanned my work instead of photographed because then I could have done better editing on the computer.



Week 7 (Ethical issues in design)

Designs are so powerful, we see them everywhere, from the billboards we drive past in the morning to our toothpaste packet. Designs have the ability to encourage us, empower us and also change our opinion or perceptions. However, we need to be consciously aware of what we are taking in and forming our own opinions. What we read forms ideas and opinions in us that reflect the designers personal point of view, we need to be judging for ourselves the opinions on ethical issues.

Below are 3 examples of designs that address ethical issues that are controversial.

Firstly, Donald duck cartoon propaganda in WW2

This cartoon was made in 1943 the height of WW2, this cartoon is aimed at children in america teaching them to be against the Nazi party and Japanese people. The cartoon revolves around a night mare Donald duck has that he is stuck in a NAZI ruled word where he is forced to make war materials, saying hail Hitler numerous, and orders with knives in his back by yellow faced japanese characters and silly, goofy German officers. Donal finally wakes up from his night mare wearing red and blue star’s boxer shorts and is proclaims how relieved his is to be an american, finishing by kissing a statue of Lady Liberty.


Secondly, Superman – Japoteurs

Superman – Jappeurs made in 1942 again trying to empower superiority and confidence in Americans during the time of WW2. Superman is a character created in this time to represent america, he wears red and blue, a god and practically perfect in everyday, he is undefeatable. In this cartoon he is saving americans from being bombed by a plane hijacked by a Japanese man.

At the time Superman was created to empower America that they could win the war, he was a god and perfect, however he was only advertising the white people of america, unfortunately America has had many racial issues in the past including the black civil rights protests and even the racism and leaders such a Donald trump still having a racist outlook, possibly these are negative effects of propaganda like this.


Lastly, Can you recognise this font? it is probably one on the most popular copyrighted font in the world, it is no other than Cococola.



Coco-cola is a copyrighted brand and is very popular for it. They have done very well at creating a brand that is so recognisable and when recognised creating positive emotions associated with memories, in particularly coco-cola reinventing Santa Claus as a christmas promotional image.





Week 6 (Mid semester report)

Creativity and design has been my most challenging subject in the BCE source so far. Why? Well I have no prior experience with art in particular visual art but I do have a high appreciation and love for it. I never took art or graphics or photography ect in high school so found myself out of my depth in the first few weeks of the course.

However, that is why I am doing the BCE course, I love art, I love design and want to get better and I wanted a challenge. I came out of high school having done the same thing for the last 13 years and I was desperate for a challenge, to feel a little bit out of my depth, to feel a little bit scared and be stretched out of my comfort zone in order to achieve my dreams and aspirations.

In the C&D class I have had to gain confidence in showing my work to other people and present it on my wordpress site. But with Pauls weekly encouragement of practise makes perfect and caring more about the effort and quantity rather than the quality has really given my the opportunity to slowly grow in that confidence.

One of the biggest revelations to me within the first 6 weeks was buying tracing paper. This has radically helped me and changed my approach to the assignments and given me the confidence to accomplish the tasks that I have needed to do.

The last thought I wanted to share in this review was that I have loved the course and it has given me so much confidence to give drawing a go compared to the first few weeks where I was feeling intimidated by other peoples work and shy about my own, but I have come to understand that it is totally ok if I am not the best drawer or painter in the class (or the world) and I may never be but acknowledging that everyone has their strengths. Some of my friends in the class are amazing drawers and painters and that is them and in our project work we will defiantly maximise on their talent. Everyone has something to offer, mine may not be drawing or painting ect but I will find that thing that I can bring to the table.

Like I said before: everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and everyone should bring to the table what they can; bringing their strength to the team but I firmly believe we all need to work on our weaknesses rather than ignoring and neglecting them, C&D has given me the opportunity to do that.

Week 5 (Instructional Drawing)

Drawing and images are a very effective way of communicating instructions because it does not exclude any nationality, gender or language from interpreting the instructions.

For example, if you were a multi billion dollar company who supplies flat pack cabinets all over the world to many people with different languages, you can print off a written instruction manual displayed in 30 different languages, which takes a lot of money working with translators and graphics teams, not to mention supplying to people who are illiterate. OR you can make a set of instructional drawing that despite language or literacy capability your customer will be able to interpret and build their cabinet.

As a girl I alway so the huge increase in hair, makeup of craft diy tutorials online in video form or magazines, pintrest and posters in picture form. I am a regular user of these, especially for hair styles, in fact I used this picture below last weekend to do a hair style for a wedding I was going to. Source, pintrest.b0535cf9c810a4cd5e944958406d7592


Here are my instructional drawing trying to replicate my hairstyle that I wore to the wedding inspired by above tutorial.








Week 4 (Story telling)


I loved this exercise. We were given a long strip of paper as a team and were told to draw. Thats it. Draw what you feel, your story, what happened during your day.

My story developed something as seen below. I started by doing marks, the cross’ seen in the top corner, turned to layering of my hands with embellishments. This piece shows the story of my day, including getting up late (the clock) getting ready, shown by my name and lips drawn in lipstick, my phone and a rubbing of my bracelet warn today.

I later went on to draw some star like flower sort of daisies as I love flowers and it is always my go to to draw when I am unsure, majority of my design ideas develop from me doodling various types of flowers.

I drew the rest of my night’s plans including roses’ to show me watching the bachelor.

Doodling and drawing without subject is a great way of expressing feeling and ideas that slowly develop into design concepts. I found it a challenge to start, I am usually an organised person who likes structure and clear expectations, however, I found it somewhat therapeutic to express my ideas and how I was feeling. I will continue to use this strategy when starting projects.



Week 3 (Typography)

I chose a variety of letter from from different era’s and cultures. I did this because I wanted to experiment with a variety of letter forms rather than just one that I felt confident in.

I particularly liked the letter form in which I wrote ‘Cheese’ below, I loved it because It reminded me of an old western bar and yet was still very stylish today. I wish to get better in graffiti style writing because I love the art work displayed and the bright colours that are usually associated with it. I hope to spray paint a logo for my children’s program using graffiti style letterform onto brick looking wallpaper.

Through this assignment I was introduced to tracing paper and it has completely changed my life. I feel so much more confident in drawing and presenting my work. It has helped me to feeling confident in giving drawing activities ago because previously I have found my skills very bad and other people in the class very good.

Lasty, I enjoyed exploring the asian lettering. I found this really cool because I have never written these characters before and with the help of tracing paper I have been able to practise some. I think I will practise more of this because it may be useful to me in the future because of the huge amount of ethnicities in our country.


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Week 2 (3D modelling)


Its no secret that I love flowers. I draw them, I make bouquets, I smell them I make model them out of play dough and I decided to make 3D models of them with paper and cardboard too.



My idea started with layering small pieces of paper, acting as individual petals in a circle fashion, however, I saw that this wasn’t quite 3d enough and I would like to raise it a bit more

So I then created this model with the centre standing up sort of like a camp fire.

I liked having the height in the middle but wanted to create the petals and a thicker part of the flower, so using cardboard which was a header material to use as it didn’t bend as easy created the next model.

I found the cardboard hard to fit together, I liked the thickness of this design idea but though it would be too had to fit more slides of cardboard (which would act as the petals) to the model here.

I then came up with a layering idea with the thick cardboard, I liked how the shadows look when it was photo graphed.

This was stemmed from the idea or book cuttings like below, however, I do not have the skills to do that. Yet.


Lastly, I used title strips of paper to try and lay them multiple different directions making a ball of spikes to act as petals. But unfortunately ran out of time and patience.