Enter/Prof Week 13 (1st November )

Our last class, and still not a live ecommerce website. Quite disappointing as I was hoping this could be something that would be presented and we could be proud of and also use on our portfolio or CV.

However, I feel very proud of the Brand team, we have accomplished everything that was required from us and gone beyond the expectations. I commend the few brand team members that were reliable, diligent, and interactive.

Collectively we wrote a brand and strategy manual as part of the course requirements with the help and advice from guest lecturer Ben. I have revised and restructured the Brand manual to a finished standard.


Lastly, we talked to the web design team and discussed cropping images and watermarks, here is the message I posted to address this, it was later discussed in full and Ben agreed with us and offered some valuable advice from his experience.



Enter/Prof Week 12 (25th October)

I recently started my own business and found this class extremely useful. One of my favourite classes in high school was economics and this class was bringing all the memories back.

Although I saw alot of tired faces in class as many people finding the information irrelevant to them, I believe the knowledge of expenses and profits and handling invoices is essential to a successful business and career. Even if people do not end up being business owners or financial advisers this knowledge can still be useful in your personal finances.


I struggled with the idea of invoices as I believed they were a old fashion way of doing business and they can be unreliable as it involves trusting another party and keeping ties for months. I personally know people who have been cheated by doing invoices and their business has gone under. However, Chris argued that there is no other way to do it and big companies will not deal any other way, I wonder how long this system will continue.

In our ecommerce groups I have continued to use delegation as a tool to involve every member and to equally share the work load. Some people have not been responsive and reliable and the few other team members and myself have picked up the work. I do not have a problem with this because I know this will be reflected in their grade and their long term work ethic will be detrimental to their career. I once heard a quote saying ‘give a busy person more work to do.’ This is because a lazy person with nothing to do are still unlikely to produce in comparison to a busy person who does many jobs and manages their time effectively.

PROF/ENTER Week 11 (18th October)

The difference between a manager, entrepreneur and technical; this lecture was extremely helpful for me in finding my fit in this BCE course and in determining the path that I should take in it.


Entrepreneur: The Entrepreneurial personality turns the most trivial condition into an exceptional opportunity. The Entrepreneur is the visionary in us. The dreamer. The energy behing every human activity. The imagina- tion that sparks the fire of the future. The catalyst for change.

Manager: The Managerial personality is pragmatic. Without The Manager there would be no planning, no order, no predictability… Without the manager there could be no business, no society.

Technician: The Technician is the doer… The Techni- cian loves to tinker. There are things to be taken apart and put back together again. Things aren’t supposed to be dreamed about, they’re supposed to be done… The Technician is a resolute individualist.

Through this exercise I have discovered about myself that I am more of a manager or entrepreneur team player than a technichian. Chris said through this class the most of the people if not all in the BCE class are technical people, they are makers. Thats where I have been stumped because I am just not very good at making, I have large elaborate ideas but I can’t make them and increasingly throughout the year I have become frustrated about my technical skills. In reality I believe I am more of a manager and entrepreneur contributor. This explains my larger than life ideas, my organisation skills, positivity, imagination and long term planner characteristics.

This is clearly seen in my work out side of uni where I manage and supervise about 20 volunteers and 1 intern. Leaders above me have always surprised me with the amount of leadership capacity the believe I have.

Further more, in order to work in the creative industries, I could work more in the area of creative direction and project management, however I believe I am getting alot of real life experience in this outside of uni and projects groups that leads me to choose highly techniqual elective classes for 2017 such as graphic design practise in order to be able to practise what I preach and have some substance in leadership.

I have really enjoyed leading the brand team thus far and believe that it come naturally to me and I hope for more opportunities in the future to gain more wisdom and knowledge in this area.


PROF/ENTER Week 10 (11th October)

This morning we had the privilege of having Rob the owner and founder of Mr Vintage talk to us and share his story.

He had some great advice about gaining confidence and also what he looks for in a employee. He highly recommended internships and being a well rounded personal rather than just someone with a degree.


Moving on to our in class assignment which I am unsure if it is ever going to be actually completed as there is just alot of talk and not much action it seems. I know a website can be built is a weekend but I guess there is too many opinions and workers so I try to keep my mouth shut. We discussed how we would like more communication between the groups to ensure the brand is being maintained.

I loved again discussing the BHAGs and the strategy component of our group. I feel this is the area of my strength and I am good and dreaming, planning, strategising and vision casting.

We created and filled out more of our summer sustainability plan and had a longer group discussion with Chris about long term goals as some people in the group found it hard when we still don’t have a launch date which I can completely understand. This is what Chris said: Strategy is provisional, learn as you go. Brand and strategy needs to be compelling.

In order to encourage communication between the groups we came up with the idea of having brand ambassadors, one member of the brand team will be placed in another team and added to their base camp in order to feed back to us. However our group tends to have many people regularly absent.


PROF/ENTER Week 9 (20th September)

In the first half of our class today Geraldine was presenting possible elective pathways within the BCE in order to inform us in choosing electives for 2017. She asked us to write down a list of possible classes we would like to take.

Chris has repeatedly informed us and convinced us of the rapidly growing industry area of ecommerce, hence I wrote down the elective I would like to take centred around graphic design particularly in digital publication, marketing including social networking and fashion. I think these skills would be extremely useful to enter into the ecommerce world.

Our endeavour of creating our own ecommerce site will be promoting and a great thing to have on our cv and in our portfolios.

Throughout this class however, I have remained myself about not dabbling in other teams areas. I specifically chose to be in the brand team as it was a skill I wasn’t extremely family with but wanted to develop. I already have a portfolio of social networks and site design so decided to be with the branding team. In the process I have tried to offer as less advice as possible in order to concentrate on my own team, keep my nose out of their business but also for everyone to ‘create the monster’ as Chris calls it.

I think our idea of creating a brief of brand guidelines specifically for the web development team was very effective and maybe we can look to do this for other groups also.


PROF/ENTER Week 8 (13th September)

Today we discussed how we are all going and how we can improve the class and our communication in order to achieve our outcome. I really like how Chris does this because it feels like we can direct our own learning, that we can own it for ourselves. The class agreed that feedback and feed in from other groups is really useful especially the weekly  group round ups. We felt like we also needed clearer expectations so that we can correctly allocate in class and personal time into the In class assignment and project. The realisation of how fast the negotiated launch date also needed to be revised, although I feel the Brand team is ready the other teams still worry and would like to stretch out the date.

For better communication of brand to Web development team we decided to make a brief for them. using key words from mission statement such as community, contemporary, unique, emerging and innovative.
Community – see lots of personal profiles on home page – quotes? Champion all participating artists by giving them all an equal space on front page, rather than just highlighting one or two. Links to social media – latest social media posts. Tile with comments/feedback from outside community /customers – Eg: ” What a great initiative”.
Contemporary/Innovative/Emerging – Page not static, with slider, or video. Professional easy to follow layout, fonts simple and easy to read. All writing checked by an editor.
Unique -No stock art used. All art on website is student art.

Lastly we discussed strategy and BHAGS, this is my kind of thing, this is my department, the dreaming, the big goals. I was surprised at how excited I got but also how much my other team mates didn’t see the relevance or importance of dreaming. I guess with my line of work we are constantly been asked to do these exercises. Here is what we came up with.

BHAG’s – Big hairy audacious goals….after end of BCE semester 2016, ask people if they want to still work on business, and want to continue buying and selling art from it. Talks and events. Social community. Networking. Professional Connections. Market day. 1 Day art exhibition. Alumni. Workshops. Integrate exhibition with experience – interviews on video etc. Ability to get work through website.


I personally believe we should spend more time during class doing the ICA. I am looking forward to finishing this project however, I feel like I have already learnt alot. It is an awesome opportunity to work on this and have this in our portfolio if we finish it.

Enter/Prof Week 7 (6th September)

Our class started of a bit differently today and I didn’t know what all the commotion was about but we had a special guest lecturer Sir Ray Avery.

Ray Avery is a pharmaceutical scientist, inventor, and social entrepreneur in Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand. He has invented something called the life pod which is a baby incubator that can be made cheaply and used easily in 3rd work countries.

Ray talked about how New Zealand punches well above their weight, our rugby team is the best in the world yet the percentage of well abled men who play rugby is minimal to those of our rivals, we have the most rocket scientist per capita in the world and our land and environments encourage us if not urge us to be create, take risks and be adventurous. I found his speech very inspiring and I loved hearing about his invention of the life pod, this invention is well needed.

Picture curtesy of Tayla Clayton


After this presentation we resumed to our in class assignment and completed our draft of our values statement:
Up next will endeavour to always be polite to their customers, all service shall be delivered with a smile. Up Next are professional at all times in both presentation and communication, and will uphold the values of Unitec. Any issues with contributing artists or customers will be managed in a timely and considered  manner. Up Next work with their contributing artists in a fair and respectful way.

Up Next maintain integrity in regards to any monetary gain.

PROF/ENTER Week 5 (23rd August)

There have been many stages of he worlds development in relation to goods and services produced and consumers. The hunter gamers era, Agriculture era, industrialisation spreading from the English society around the time of Queen Victoria to the information era an on to today.


I questioned, how come the human race in the context of production took thousands or hundreds of years to develop between only 3 eras – hunter gatherer to agriculture/horticulture then to industrialisation yet we have developed 3 production ages in the last 200 years.

The introduction of the printing preset and then technology meant information was easily assessable international compared to only being available to specific geographies and social classes.

But I would like to question, where do we go in 50 years? or does it happen at an even faster rate and we ask what will be do in 20 years? I completely believe in everyone having the right to education and to improve and better themselves in any chosen field however, are there any risks of a perhaps overly informed human kind, then is there any way to go back?

We see 150 years on the negative effects from the industrialisation in England, bad health, poor living conditions, ect.

What can we learn from the past to improve our adaptation to future production eras?


The Value Exchange, previously understood as the ‘theory of labour’ now known as the ‘marginal theory of value.

The theory of labour explains how our modern society in New Zealand and westernised countries place a higher value on services rather than paying more for our products. We now live when products and items are easily accessible and the majority cheap in contrast to 50 years ago when a bed or table and chairs were astronomical amounts of money because of the time of labour put into in, now we can just buy a $10 chair from Kmart.

And lets not forget the wonderful Aliexpress for pretty much everything for super cheap. http://www.aliexpress.com

We are weighted more towards service industries than material goods.

We were challenged to think outside the box to create a service around our creative profession. Chris mentioned colour forecasting as an example and I personally loved the idea.

Here is an example of interior colour forecasting.

This colour forecasting is where fashion both clothing and interior will do a lot of market research and come up with seasonal colour palettes. BUT it is so much more than just choosing colours, the express feelings, tell you what it will taste like, sound like, they will cook for you, decorate their presentation environments, decorate themselves. This is because the colour forecasters have to sell material or items of particular colour but because they know that their service is more highly demanded than their products.

PROF/ENTER Week 4 (16th August)


  • Is not a logo
  • Is not a corporate identity
  • Is not a product

SO what is branding? Branding is a persons personal feeling towards a product or a company, Its what the customers say it is.

Although we had touched on the fundamentals of branding in our Introduction to Story class I found the branding lesson taught from a Business and professional point of view hugely relevant and practical.

I have just taken over the social media/digital marketing for my Parents church and also running my own start up company The Dress Garden. (http://www.dressgardenhire.com) I have put the branding theories into action and saw considerable results in different ways.

Firstly, I have rephrased the captions on posts. I now phrase all posts with a thought, a quote or call to action – something with emotion in it, just like BMW and McDonalds. This in contrast to directly advertising the product, e.g. come to A event at B time on C day.

Here are a few examples:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.51.49 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.51.12 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.51.27 AM

Secondly, I have tried to use more personal photos of people in the group with their consent obviously, especially on Facebook. Although the photos aren’t the best quality I have seen an increase in likes and comments, I believe this is because people find it more relational and also engage with post that have them or people they know in it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.01.00 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.01.29 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.01.11 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.05.14 AM

I have found branding extremely applicable to me and It has caused me to start thinking about going into digital marketing as a career.

I really wanted to get into the digital marketing team for our In class assignment but I felt that I already knew and have done a lot of research in that area so I decided to join the branding team. I am excited for the ICA however, I am worried about how much time and commitment it will require but also I worry about the longevity of the ecommerce site we create, I guess we just have to trust Chris has the vision and where he is leading us.

PROF/ENTER Week 3 (9th August)

What can new design graduates offer the already experience and knowledgeable design companies? that was the question proposed to us at the start of todays class.

There are some basic broad skills that we will learn in our degree that other students will all have also – drawing, painting, computer skill, but what we will need to do business, to be employed over other graduates in the understanding of social media and ecommerce.

The business society we will graduate into and look for jobs in will be looking for student who have experience and wisdom to serve in these areas. This is why we are looking into doing a ecommerce build up and running assignment throughout this semester.

“The building part is easy – the running and selling part is hard.”

Chris said this when talking about building a ecommerce store and social media and marketing. I personally found this class incredibly helpful as I believe this skills taught and things we discussed were extremely practical and relevant to myself.

I currently run my church social media platforms and also my own start up company: The Dress Garden which was launched 3 weeks ago. I am happy with the design and layout of the online store and have been happy with my social media progress with the Dress Garden and intact saw 594 Facebook referrals to my website in one day which was the second day of launching the Facebook page. However, I have been struggling converting my marketing and advertising into sales. With the Elim Christian Centre Franklin page I believe it is running well and getting good interaction however, I would like to do a new boost over the next couple of weeks to get more likes and followers, this is in order to reach more people in social media. Below is my current work and I would love and appreciate some feedback and advice.







We later on discussed more of what our in class assignment might include by making group brainstorms of what we think the most important thing about ecommerce is, here is my groups brainstorm.