Brief Explanation:

We have been put into pre decided groups and have been given a ‘mock brief.’ My team consist of 5 member, only 3 of which are still in the BCE. We were ensured that this brief and group is only for this assessment and we can change after the first 5 weeks.

I am in group 2 and my brief is a bit different as the solution is already given which is a national Set Day to celebrate, fundraise and bring cultural awareness to the Pacific Culture within New Zealand. This was a bit tricky as the solution was already given we have had to work backward to make the problem and find out the need for this. We will look into researching the sei, Tony and Sadaf will do some sei drawings and I will talk to Reecy to learn more about the samoans perspective on the Lei.

Initial Planning:

I wanted to stretch this brief a bit. I didn’t want to take it at face value and do the obvious. I thought to myself, how can we take a different angle, then Charlie had a class on pitching, in which he talked about the idea of Fusion and Transmedia. So I started to think what are the hottest, most popular things out at the moment and how can I merge that with the idea of a Sei day to package this brief in a unexpected way.

I was reading the other day about how you best audience is ten year elder or younger your own age, I therefore thought we should target this campaign at not only the Pacific women who already know about the culture but instead really focus on the Millennial Generation (early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years.) and Generation Z (Post Millennial’s:¬†starting birth years that range from the mid-1990s to early 2000s, and as of yet there is little consensus about ending birth years.)


I interviewed Charis who is of Samoan decent who gave me a rough idea of what the Sea is and the appropriation of it. I also sent her a list of questions with which she interviewed her Nan with and has a voice recording of.

I also looked into Snapchat and it geo filters with idea that we could create a filter that is geo located, the filter could automate a sei into your hair or simply put a Sei Day logo on the pic.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.03.09 PM.png


I found that the geo filters are surprisingly easy to upload as the have a very comprehensive how to and template. They were also quite affordable, the cost about $5 per 20,000 square feet which I calculated would cost about $4,000 to cover the whole of the Auckland Region Super City.

From my own personal knowledge I knew about Kimojis which are kim Kardashian emojis as well as Emotikis which is a set of Kiwiana Emojis.


This inspired the idea of a set of Pacifica Emoticons. I sent away Tony to research this further.

Lastly, I was watching a instagram story of a lady I follow who has a 3 or 4 year old child who was bouncing around the house proclaiming he was Maui off Moana. I thought that this is the perfect story telling tool. The disney Moana is gaining popularity for Pacific Culture all over the world. People especially generation Y and Z are engaging in this movie and the cosplay that leads them to be more culturally aware and we should jump on the fad while it is happening.

Crit One with Rowena:

Tony is absent. We didn’t really know what was happening but anyway I was worried to share the idea with Rowena as I know that Pacific Culture is very traditional and to fuse it with interactive media of the millennial may seem contradictory. I used my personal knowledge of the culture and explain the tradition of the elders or grandparents taking the eldest grandchild into their home in order to teach and pass down the traditions. I explain that this was similar as a way to explain and teach cultural awareness to Y and Z in a way that is relevant, interactive and somewhat similar to them. The message was not changing but the method was.

I explained how I felt with the popularity of Moana that an automatic audience of children will be attentive. Surprisingly Rowena loved the idea and didn’t want us to change it. She felt that we were on the right path and was impressed with the thinking outside the box. The tips she gave was to formalise the research question and to look into colour and font to give a visual representation of what this may look like. But reminding us again that is is only a mock so that we don’t actually have to go away and make emojis or the filters ect.

I sent Sadaf off to research colours and make a colour palette as well as looking into fonts.

I messaged tony to define our 3 creative solutions and create slides to explain them.


Research question confirmed.

I wanted to open with a question or a log line as charlie had suggested. I thought about what does pacific culture have to do with me? this was because I really want the auidence to think about themselves, Pacifica or not about what part does the culture play in their lives, do the acknowledge it, do they celebrate it or is it unknown to them.

I also made my slides to the powerpoint, 1-4, I also made my own bitmoji (an emoji of myself) to demonstrate the fun possibilities to the older lecturers who didn’t know what it was.

Crit Two with Dan:

I like most people am a very busy person and had to run off to another meeting therefore felt frustrated that it took 90 minutes to critique one team and then when it got to our I explain throughouly and quickly and Dan didn’t have a large amount of feedback which is good as it made me feel like we were on the right track and didn’t have much to do before Tuesday.

He asked for us to make our presentation more conversational instead of boringly stating our research question but let it flow more.


I have written my speech, given feed back on Sadafs colour palette. I am really happy wiht our teams progress to this point. I feel we are working well together and equally sharing the load.


The feedback was not very positive, although we had waited 3 hours to present I felt that a few of the lecturers had not been listening as we had addressed majority of things they had critiqued. I was also disappointed that things we had discussed in our crit sessions and told to change or not to do was then contrasted in the formative and the brief. For example intertwining our research question into our conversation; the where to next steps even though we were told this was only a mock and to not focus long term on it and lastly creating 3 creative solutions but only focusing on one to emphasise. We were however given the opposite feedback in our formative. Annoying and confusing.

The feed back was to make our research question more clearer which I can do by clearly stating it as well as coming from a less ‘outside Pacifica’ Point of view.

I have also added in my speech a definition on the lei and explanation of the brief that was given to us in order to better explain why we chose what we had.




Final presentation


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