Week 4: Character, Story Act and Turning Points

Today in class we learnt that pretty much every story is the same. Although names, setting, costumes ect changes the main story line is the same, including main characters

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For Example:

The Hunger GamesThe-Hunger-Games-the-hunger-games-27627297-1440-900

Katniss: Protective older sister, fighter, strong.

Here is how The Hunger Games fits the same sequence as popular books/movies such as Harry Potter and Narnia.

Katniss Everdeen starts of in her ordinary world district 12 of Pannem until the reaping ceremony (call to action) comes to take away her youngest sister Prim in which she volunteer’s herself to take Prim’s place to compete in the the Hunger games.

Katniss’ refusal of the call is represented in her disgust of the huger games and fear of competing when she gives her goodbyes to family and Gale.


Katniss meets her mentor Haymitch on her road to a new world ‘the capital’.

She begins the tests, allies and enemies stage whilst training and then entering the hunger games. She is approached my many obstacles and heartbreak throughout her time in the games arena.

Finally Katniss win’s the games with Peeta at her side. Her reward? life. Her road back to district 12 reunited her with her mother and sister but she is forever changed by the games and in later sequel’s we see how her reaction to her time in the hunger games turns to determination for change.


Week 3: Denotation / Connotation

Every design has story behind it. Why? because every symbol has a designer, a person with culture, emotion, a purpose for creating.

Denotation: The surface level meaning

Connotation: the deeper message, personal, the story behind it


Denotation: Its a ring, represents relationship, its a flower ring.

Connotation: Its my mothers engagement ring, given to her my my father in the Hamilton gardens over 20 years ago. My parents are still happily married and their relationship is what I aspire to, I love them very much and without them I would not be here (literally and obviously)




Denotation: A necklace with tree on it, a tree of life.

Connotation: A christmas present from my boyfriend the first time her spent christmas with my family. We had a really good day and I love him lots, he also got me a flower bouquet subscription which I am still getting monthly. I really love flowers. He knows me well.


Denotation: The corner of a moisturiser bottle with flowers on it. My sister’s moisturiser.

Connotation: My 13 year old sister doesn’t use this moisturiser at all, I found it at the bottom of her draw to use for this particular assignment yet she still got really mad that I had taken it from her room. Im not allowed in her room without asking but she is free in mine anytime, funny huh. Not.

Week 2: Signifier / Signified

“All this means is that each sign takes a different type and refers to a different ‘thing’.”

– Scott’s Powerpoint. 

A sign is almost anything. Truely. Expanding, it is a complete ‘linguistic unit’ that contains a sound or a visual or both, and a meaning to that sound-image.

The signifier is like the catalyst, I guess you could say it comes first although our brains are very smart so most reactions seem simultaneous. The signifier: a sound or image is presented and we interpret it, the interpretation is labeled the ‘signified. Below are some personal examples.


Symbol, Icon or Index? Who know’s? Well Let’s see if I do.

Firstly my Key:

This picture of my key is firstly an index, why? because whenever I go to look for my key, it’s never because I simply want to look at my key, but instead because I need to use my car. This picture of my key is an index as it leads to another object, in this case my car, the key and the car has a relationship that links the signified and signifier, therefore whenever one is pictured alone it could be considered an index. This key also can be considered an icon because it looks like the thing it is trying to be. A key.

Wow, lots of writing, that is very unnecessary for one picture. Let me be more snappy.

  • Flowers: Icon. Picture of flowers. Clearly flowers.  The image of the flowers are what they represent.
  • Ring? Well, Index because a ring is useless without a finger. Where there is a ring you would expect a finger, or possibly expect someone with commitment, and depending on the ring possibly someone with a good deal of money. This photo could also be considered an icon, because it is a flower, and a ring clearly showing what it is trying to represent. Lastly, this image is a symbol, because it has meaning to me but not to you. This ring is my mothers engagement ring given to her by my dad over 20 years ago. Cute? I really think so, you might not, because its a symbol. Its the meaning, the signified.
  • Tree necklace: Icon, because if you turn the image side ways which I haven’t been able to figure out how to do, it’s a tree. A index, a necklace implies a neck, everyone has one it’s normal.


Cute inspiration advice from your’s truely:

Be an Icon, a person that always clearly represents and embrace’s who the are. Courage? Overcomer? Stylish? Gamer?

Be an index that link’s people together through relationships. Let people see you and automatically cast their mind to the good that you stand for, the amazing things you achieve.

Be a living symbol of what you feel inside. Portray your true beauty, and originality by being authentic. Be aware that how you look, sound, and walk speaks a message for you. What do you want to say? 

Week 1: The Flag Design Exercise

This flag symbolizes my identity.

My name is Bailey booth and legally that is my identity, as stated on birth certificate and drivers license. However, the alliteration of my name has also become a nickname as BB or Boothie, until recently Blondie and I regulary respond to my full name as it rolls of the tounge I guess. So therefore I include the B in my flag.

The ‘B’ is contained in a circle to represent my bubbly personality, the blue circle is a softer shape to harsh lines or triangles and I would like to always portray myself as an approachable character.

Lastly the two lines intersecting the story in a cross like fashion represents my religion of choice: Christianity. I include that in my identity as it plays a major part in how I view myself and my perspective of the world.

This flag represents a part of myself that I feel comfortable sharing with the world. This also is just an introduction, a symbol of where and how I currently see myself, I doubt I would recreate the same symbol given this exercise next year. 2016 will be a year of exploring new skills, and ideals.

“To fully understand a person is a walking journey.” 

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