Project: 16th June

Today I organised and wrote the project presentation for our group as we look to present next week at the Noho Marae. I then used Google slides to create a power point presentation for the other team members to edit and wrote the introduction message. as seen below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.19.23 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.13.43 PM

“We are team four, despite sifting through many ideas of possible paper creations in our planning stages one theme stood out to us as a group from the beginning, and that was the idea of culture. In our team of 6 people we have over 6 cultures representing. We acknoledged that we all have our distinctive cultural specialties but yet all were here in New Zealand for this time. We thought our team is actually so representative of New Zealand in particularly Auckland in 2016, we are a multi-cultural scoiety – ‘Its who we are’

Did you know that one quarter of people living in New Zealand were born overseas, Put your hand up if you identify as one of these people. This statistic was most recently taken in 2013, and I would believe that in 2016 we would have more that one quarter of people who were born outside new Zealand and many many more 2nd and 3rd generations.

New Zealand is made up like a jigsaw, we are many different ethnicities with different strengths and talents, so we decided to make a patchwork project to represent this idea.”

I also helped the team create the summative code of conduct for professional practise. and helped the team organise what work they have left to do. While the boys worked on sticking the rest of the waves up.

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Week 6: Magazine Cover

I really enjoyed this exercise. I found Indesign so much easier to work with rather than photoshop and I will definitely use it more in the future. I started with the cover of Alexis Ren and Jay Alverez because I happen to be looking at their instagram at the same time. I found it hard to find a large high definition photo of them together, eventually this one seemed to be the only one that would work despite it only being in black and white, I would have preferred something more colourful and vibrant.

This lesson cam in conjunction with a talk about the importance of typography in Creativity and Design class which I found helpful in the application of this. The advice was to not use more that 3 types in one piece and helvetica is the more easy and recognisable text world wide. I applied those theories and also the tips we had learnt in the tools tutorial.

I will definitely use indesign in the future as I found it so much easier to work with than photo shop but I understand the two different functions of the programs.


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